The Women In Leadership Taboo

carol seilrt

“The Salvation Army began with a desire to treat women equally, allowing them to teach, preach and minister just like men. Yet that equality had reservations, and the organization today aims to return to its egalitarian roots.”  If you’re like me, you may have been within the safety and bubble of the Salvation Army most of your life. Even having Christian friends from other denominations I didn’t realize well into my twenties that women in other churches were thought of differently than the way I was raised and what I was exposed to.  I’m still dealing with that shock and talking to and sometimes crying to our God about what this means to me in my family, in my work, in my church and overall in His Kingdom here on earth.
I thoroughly enjoyed Christin Davis’ (the managing editor of the New Frontier Publications) April 2013 article on this topic of women in leadership.
Click HERE to read The Equality Paradox today.
*Photo borrowed from Caring Magazine.


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