……Captain Nancy Powers of the Chicago Harbor Light! We we drawn to her because of her frequent, inspiring, interesting and creative pins! Learn a bit more about her below and how she uses Pinterest in her ministries. Have you ever actually tried to do one of your Pinterest pins? I try to do most of my pins… I may take ideas from ten posts and put them together in one project ( I may look at 10 Fairy Gardens and take an idea from each one to make mine) My family gets a little testy because I often try new recipes from Pinterest and there is no guarantee they taste as good as they look! I find many things for my granddaughter and I to do together and they are usually cheap!Picture1 What do you mainly use Pinterest for? Ideas. I look for ideas for all avenues of my being… recipes, family activities, Women’s Ministries, children’s church programs, home tips, hobbies, etc. I also like to see what my friends are up to! I follow a number of my friends just to see what creative thing they’re doing… and if I want to steal it! Have you had a Pinterest fail? I’ve had a couple recipes that were disgusting. They looked good, but tasted so bad we couldn’t eat them! I’ve tried a couple really cute ideas that do not work and made a horrid mess. There was a caramel apple recipe that had the caramel on the inside of a hollowed out apple. I hollowed out my half apples, made the caramel as directed, poured it into the apple and expected it would set like the picture. The apple started to drool and the caramel would not set and it looked like really bad. We ended up eating the caramel with a spoon and throwing the apple away. It happens! What do you love about Women’s Ministries? Sharing time, talents, stories, blessings and challenges with a group of ladies that need each other. Our group is extremely diverse from teenagers to old ladies, professionals and stay at home moms, and culture and race differences. Our differences make us stronger and a lot more fun! It is a place to belong and be yourself. Our meetings are filled with laughter and sometimes tears and always prayer. Is there anything you don’t love about Women’s Ministries? Paperwork, I never enjoy the necessary statistics and reports. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest so you might be the next “Featured Pinner” Click here to see our Pinterest Page
“Layer cake from Pinterest… looks great, dry as a bone. One of those ooops!”  002 099twochefs3



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