How A Women's Craft Camp Brought Her Back To God

Last year a great friend of mine said, “You should come to the Women’s Ministries Craft Camp with me.”  I hesitated, but she didn’t let 6121684396_42e7df35aa_bup.  She continued every day to tell me how much fun she had the previous year and said I needed to get away (from my hectic life).
I finally agreed and we went to craft camp together.  I must say it was the beginning of my life again.  I had a great time, met many great people, learned many things I didn’t realize I could do and I found God again.  Oh, I knew who God was, I prayed to him occasionally but he hadn’t been in my life for 30+ years.  I went to church a few times through the years but every time I went I just felt like I didn’t belong.
I know now that feeling wasn’t that I didn’t belong, it was that I did belong but just realize didn’t realize it because my life was busy and I didn’t make time for church or God in it.  Well, how wrong was I.  During craft camp I felt a part of something that I didn’t realize I was missing.  I met some really great people and I also met an old friend, God.  At this time I had so much going on but I guess I needed Him in my life so He took charge and I didn’t feel so alone anymore.  My busy life didn’t seem so busy that I couldn’t make time for an old friend.  Since craft camp I have been going to church every Sunday, Tuesday mornings Women’s Ministries and Tuesday evening “Life with Spice”.  It seems like I had plenty of time for God in my life and its better knowing He is there and always will be.  I not only found an old friend but I found a new family in The Salvation Army and this is where I am supposed to be.



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