Psalm 147:11Isaiah 25:1; John 1:1-2; Romans 8:28
What plans did you make for this past week? How did those plans turn out? Perhaps you planned to visit a restaurant or stay at a hotel, only to discover that the photos on the website that helped shape your plans were just a little, well, “embellished.” Maybe on Monday or on Saturday you had your whole day scheduled, only to find your first task took much more time than you expected, throwing all your other plans far off-kilter. It’s frustrating to find our best-laid plans disrupted.
What plans have you for your life? How are those plans turning out? Certainly you did not plan to get cancer. You did not plan to suffer the pain and loss of a miscarriage. Surely you did not plan to have your job shipped overseas. You did not plan to have your marriage end in divorce. It wasn’t your plan to have your husband die at such a young age. Nobody plans to have financial trouble. Nobody plans for family fights or broken relationships. Chronic pain. Financial loss. Death. These all disrupt our plans. They can even devastate our lives.
But take heart! God’s plan is to bring you hope, to relieve your guilt, to ease your grief, to set you free from fear, and, yes, to give you joy…those plans are always right on time, and they are much, much richer and more comforting than you could ever imagine. Your heavenly father’s plans are never early. They are never late. And they never disappoint!
God does have plans for you—good plans! His plans for your life are built on the foundation of his love and on the salvation his Son won for you in his journey to the cross and beyond. No matter what comes your way on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday, God intends to draw everything in your life together for your good; those plans will come together at just the right time.

Entry adapted from Central Territory Lenten Resources


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