2014 Commitment to Biblical Knowledge

You are loved WM 2014The Fitness Center here at Territorial Headquarters is packed during lunch. You have to get there early and dressed quickly to claim a treadmill or elliptical. Otherwise you’ll be stuck on a stationary bike or worse yet – using the weight machines. Let’s be honest catching an episode of “Love it or List it” (on the cable tv’s hooked to the treadmills)  during the middle of the work day is a sweet treat, plus the fact that you’re burning the calories of a sweet treat!
Let’s get honest one more time – in a few weeks you’ll be able to walk in and have your pick of treadmills and ellipticals. It’s January and many who make a new years resolution don’t follow through. Last year Forbes.com estimated that only 8% of those who made New Years Resolutions actually reached their goal.  One of the ways they said people do reach their goal was by making it “obvious” which translates to accountability. When you are working towards a goal with someone else you are more likely to be successful if you have support and encouragement along side you.
My goal is to be more Biblically grounded and knowledgeable.  One of the ways I plan to is to study the Bible. Not read it like a book, but study what I’m reading. Ask questions, write it down, contemplate it, prayer over it. The Salvation Army International Headquarter’s Center for Spiritual Life Development has created a Women’d Ministries Bible Study called You are Loved. We have added this Bible Study to our Resources page, click HERE to download the English and Spanish versions!
“As you consider through 2014 how you are loved by God, we pray that he will be evident as you study his Word and share together.” Join us in this study!



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