“What about the men? Are there are programs for the men? There are so many programs and organizations for the healing of women – which is so appropriate and necessary. But what about the men?” These were my scared and shaky questions as I was standing in front of a microphone on an amphitheater staircase, staring down at a panel of speakers on the stage. Truly hoping they’d list off the groups disciplining men in the Democratic Republic of Congo, men that used rape as a weapon of war.  The panelists shifted in their seats and looked at one another. Apparently the was not one group, NGO or non-profit present at this Washington D.C. Lobby Day for the DRC.  No one was reaching out to the men (that we were aware of). We were there for the victims, for the women. At the time no one had seemed to figure out that both the oppressed AND the oppressor are victims.  Many times men’s view of sex is broken, perverse and evil. Healing on both sides has to happen to end this evil.
Men are speaking up. Men are calling men out. With a simple message: Jesus wants to give us new hearts. The men behind Unearthed are out to kill sexual exploitation at its roots.

“What if our sexual brokenness was a bridge to Jesus rather than a barrier? And what if, before we freed the captives on porn sets, street corners and in brothels, we need to admit the reality that WE are captives. The truth is that Jesus isn’t after our sexual sobriety – he’s out to give us new hearts. That’s what The Hearts of Men film is about – the collision between our sexual brokenness and the relentless love of God. Once we hit our goal, we’ll kick production into full swing and get this film out to men all across the earth in the 3rd quarter of 2014. We’re expecting to see revival come like never before, because when the hearts of men change, everything changes.”
Let’s rejoice in this movement and effort. Praising God that people are standing up against evil. Share this video on your Facebook and other social media outlets. Spread the word – there is healing in Jesus.
the hearts of men