Here at CentralTerritorial Headquarters we hope you’ve began the H2O Bible Study or at the very least put H2O in the hands of someone from the corps that is interested in possibly hosting/facilitating it.  We want to encourage you as you consider who to holds this unique study and who you are praying  may attend.  Find below a real story, from your peer from someone doing it, making it happen!  You can also watch this intro video for this series, something to inspire you.
Captain Melody Hamelund
Corps Officer
Leavenworth, Kansas
Life With Christ Is An
Amazing Adventure in Faith!
2013/2014 Women’s Ministries Promotion
At our second H20 meeting, we had the potential of having four new, unchurched women attend but for various reasons they did not make it. Yet, the meeting was still a spiritually significant one! Let me explain:
Some of our regular ladies attended as well as two older teens Karen and Cathy. This meeting focused on God as our Father. I was very excited about this topic in hopes that at least one of the ladies would be there. I was in prayer ahead of the meeting, so I would be prepared. I knew this meeting had the potential to be a meeting of great spiritual impact and I would need to be especially in tune to the Holy Spirit’s voice guiding me as to what to say, what to do and how to respond.
At one point, when the DVD showed a father lovingly and joyfully interact with his daughter, Karen was moved to tears. After the video, I talked about the kind of Father God is. They were soaking it in; I could tell they were really considering my words with great hope! I asked them questions about their views of God, and they were able to affirm that they did see God as a myriad of wonderful characteristics.
A few weeks ago, I hosted a “Girls’ Pizza and Movie Night” at the quarters, and showed “The Princess Diaries.” I did this very intentionally. Many of the older teens at the corps are struggling with their self-esteem, and some do not yet have a clear concept of salvation. I followed by explaining to the them the next morning about the significance of being a “child of the one true King.”
At the H20 meeting, I reminded the older teens of the movie, and how we are all meant to be Princesses even before we realize it (like Mia in the movie). Once we say YES to Christ, we become a part of His family and become daughters of the King…Princesses! They experienced an “ah ha!” moment with that revelation, and pairing it with the thought of being loved by the Ultimate Father was simply a matter of God’s timing in pulling these two events together (the movie night, then the 2nd H20 meeting).
At the end, I asked if anyone would like to close in prayer, and to my surprise and delight, Cathy did! It was the first time she had ever prayed aloud in her life. (Tears of joy here!)
I pray you were as blessed as I was. An evangelistic tool such as H2O is one way in which God, the Holy Spirit and intentional prayer by the Corps Officer is implemented in targeting the unsaved through Women’s Ministries in Leavenworth, Kansas. It is crucial that we stretch beyond our established programs with many of the same women and reach out to others who we come into contact with in our communities, social services contacts, mothers of elementary/middle/high school children and older teen girls. The fields are white unto harvest!


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