IT TAKES A VILLAGE“This “you can do it” form of “encouragement” also echoes our culture’s overwhelming rejection of help, hired or not, and pervasive sense of pride. I don’t need any help. I can do it all on my own. Isn’t this attitude the antithesis of the Christian life?”

How many of us are killing ourselves daily to save face? Because we don’t want to look like we can’t handle it – jobs, marriage, grad school, children, church etc? So many of us are hurting or on the edge of breakdown – why can’t we just ask for help? Something in our culture has taught us to not ask for help, to keep our heads down and power through. But what does Jesus teach us?

How many other places in our life, in our family, in our church has culture fooled us and caused us to actually do things the opposite way that the Bible teaches?

This article written by Marie Osborne for the website Her-meneutics is a confessional article about a mother knowing what is best for her family, and an encouraging article that reminds us that it does in deed take a village, that is what the church is for. Click HERE to read the entire article.




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