The Central Territory’s territorial worship band, The Singing Company  “exists to create music that unites worshipers, proclaim the truths found in God’s Word, inspire and train musicians and expand the cannon of music produced by The Salvation Army.”
Their new,  just released EP titled: I (as in roman numeral one) does indeed proclaim truths found in God’s Word. Track one, Storm Song is an emotionally stirring and revealing piece. The lyrics take you to moments in life when you were fearful, terrified, when you were doubtful, when everything seemed to rage against you and swirl you around in the chaos of pain, hurt, confusion.  Taking you to moments when it felt like you couldn’t I singing companybreath, when if felt like you were swept away in the waters of grief,  when you didn’t know where the sky was or how to get to the surface. Then you slowly break through the surface, coming back up for air, busting through (at minute 3:50) and arriving at His promises.  Filling your lungs back up, taking in that much needed life giving air and using it to cry and bang on the chest of our Savior. Then you feel Him as He brushes the hair and mess of tears from your face, kisses you, calms you and you sink into the warmth of your Savior. You feel the solid ground under your feet and remember that you will not drown or be consumed, He is here and He’s not leaving.
Praise God! 
The EP follows with five more songs that I’ll leave to you to experience.
You Can listen for free on Spotify, click HERE.  Or you can own it, so it can be on you iphone, itouch etc and you can listen to it anytime without an internet connection, click HERE.



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