Why The Concept That “True Love Waits” Is Confusing And A Bit Misleading

If you grew up in a Christian community during your teenage years, you were most likely taught to wait on sex. To wait until marriage. To stay pure because sex was reserved only for marriage. Which is true. But, to you, did it ever feel like from that moment on you were in a perpetuation state of anticipation? Is he the one? Who does God have for me? When will it happen? It felt like, life didn’t really launch until you found “the one.”
But then your twenties (or thirties!) hit, and the purity ring you’re wearing or the purity pledge you signed that one time that’s beenheart holding hands stuck in your Bible are continual reminders that you’re still waiting on something. They become a bit annoying, actually. Annoying in that you’re waiting on something others have obtained. They’ve reached the next level of life and Christian living (presumably) – and you’re just not there yet. Every time you hear the word purity you internally role your eyes.
So stop waiting.
Relationship with Jesus is what it’s all about. And He’s been waiting on you! So quit waiting, Your True Love is here. Reject the advice once you’re satisfied with just having Jesus as your companion, he’ll bring you the right man. That is NOT why you become satisfied with Jesus; you become satisfied with Jesus because he is your love. Not because he’ll bring you your love.

With God’s arrival comes love. With God’s arrival comes redemption. Psalm 130: 7 -8

Holiness is our pursuit. Constantly, throughout the Bible we are being called to Holiness. That you don’t have to wait on, and that [holiness] is what we’re ALL called to live out.  We may not all be suited for marriage, but we are all suited for pursuing holiness.
So if you are ‘waiting’ maybe it’s time to really ponder what you’re waiting on. How will life change when ‘it’ arrives? Is it marriage that you’re waiting on to satisfy you? You shouldn’t be abstaining from sex because it’s being held for your future spouse; you should abstain from sex because you are called to be holy. Saving yourself is simply apart of the holiness pursuit. 

 For God saved us and called us to live a holy life. He did this, not because we deserved it, but because that was his plan from before the beginning of time—to show us his grace through Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 1:9




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