Congratulations Lieutenant Larisha Richardson! Larisha, along with her husband, are the corps officers at the Iowa City, Iowa Corps. Larisha was chosen because of her many pins that range from DIY soap, DIY clothes and many ministry program ideas. You inspire us – keep pinning!

Richardson.Larisha.3644Have you ever actually tried to do one of your Pinterest pins? 
Yep, many, many pins.
What do you mainly use Pinterest for? 
Just one main use, this might sound crazy Pinterest helps my world, it help me to refocus on my God, to be a great wife, to be a better pastor, to program my but off, to serve and give to others, to get some crafting and much needed RnR in, you name it has it, I am a Pinterest lover.
Have you had a Pinterest fail?
Yep many fails, especially the recipes.
What do you love about Women’s Ministries? 
I love the friendships and life long imprints we get to leave on each others lives.
Is there anything you don’t love about Women’s Ministries?
I would have to say it is hard trying to bridge the age gap, I don’t love that