Lie #3- 
My Value Is Earned By The Opposite Sex – “If our bodies define us than the attention we get for our bodies becomes the way we earn our value.”
As adult women, I think we can all remember a time growing into our womanhood we let a man’s interest or disinterest in us determine how we felt about ourselves. This method of self love/hate is destructive and damaging to women of all ages.  Let’s work together to pass down healthy self-worth and self love, putting our value in who we are in Christ.your value
Neely McQueen writes:

“What happens when girls believe that their worth is defined by the opposite sex?

We see girls who seek out attention from the opposite sex,  we see them develop poor ideas about relationships and  sexually aggressive behavior becomes normalized.

Unfortunately, we (youth ministries) have reinforced some of these ideas without really intending to do it.”

Click HERE to get some guidance in how to change your approach to this sensitive conversation.



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