embrace trustingBy Rachel Aren
350 words provide hardly enough space to write about all the things God is teaching me to embrace this season. God is never done in me, and it seems like I’m always, always learning something. It’s a blessing and some days a curse, really.
This season is farmed by the following significant things: being 28, having a steady job that brings me fulfillment, having an amazing circle of faithful and supportive friends, a confident place at a welcoming and loving corps, having a fun life in Chicago (Lakeview to be exact), living near my family, and running a small business that I’m proud of.  I would freely and easily say that I’m happy/content/etc.  In fact, there is a sense most days that I’ve “made it” (Which, now that I’m a young adult understand that “made it” simply means I can pay rent on time with a job I actually like).  I’m content; I’m mostly satisfied.
Last August, at the same time that I was starting to realize that all my life boxes were on the shelf of life the way I wanted, it was also the same time that God started to stir my heart for the next phase of the journey.
Although I’ve worked hard to be where I am today and love my life the way it is, I am learning to embrace any fear I have that my life might not look this way forever. God is doing more, taking me different places, using me in different ways.  Most days I feel I have a clear understanding of what the next phase is, but some days I just embrace the notion that something is going to change, and although the timing for that is unclear and sometimes confusing, it will be BETTER than how much I love my life now.
So, this season is about embracing who holds my future and trusting His perfect timing and letting go of the life I plan for myself.
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