Heaven's Calling: A sermon from Jess O'Dea


photo from NorthLakes FB Page.

Need a Monday morning boost? Jess O’Dea from the NorthLakes corps outside Newcastle in the Australia East Territory is apart of the Leadership Team, focusing on Worship, Creative Arts and Teaching at Northlakes and she preaches strong and hard.
Check out her convicting sermon on Heaven’s Calling: obedience and response. Below are a few quotes that convicted my spirit.
“He was doing what God asked him to do then and there.”
“We want to skip over what God has for us now and get right there (future) because we’re so excited about it. But you know the thing about calling is this – what you do now and how you do it, is the most important thing in determining what God will give you next.”
“He will give it to someone else if you won’t be obedient to what he is calling you to do.”
“Catch up, church.”

Heaven’s Call (Jess) from Northlakes Salvos on Vimeo.



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