Happy Friday! Week in Review // August 19, 2016


Here’s what’s happened this week….

1. We launched our biggest giveaway, our Prepare Podcast Review Giveaway 

Follow the steps  below to subscribe and review our podcast and be entered to win a Central Women File_001mug, Embrace tote bag, a ornament from OTHERS and Major Amy Reardon’s Devotional Holiness Revealed- all of it to ONE WINNER (pictured right) You have until Sunday August 21, winner announced Monday morning August 22 at 9:00am CST! Winner will be selected from the list of reviews on The Prepare Podcast iTunes. 
Follow these steps!

  1. Subscribe to the The Prepare Podcast on iTunes.
  2. Listen to the podcast, and then leave an honest rating and review on iTunes (see pictured instructions HERE)
  3. Submit your iTunes Reviewer Name and Email Address to confirm your entry into the giveaway.

2. We invited World Mission Department Director, Chris Shay onto the Prepare Podcast – tune into on September 1!
3. We edited and prepped for the Equipped Devos out September 1 – if you’re not signed up to receive these directly to your email, enter your email HERE.
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