Summer Series Chapter Four: Rocky Urbanek

Meet Rocky Urbanek! Rocky is from Fort Dodge, IA in the wonderful Western Division! She is a soldier and is currently the Secretary for Home League, a Women’s Ministries program of The Salvation Army. She loves the Lord and uses her life experiences to bring honor and glory to Him.

Here is Rocky’s story.

“Since I accepted Christ and became a soldier, I have felt Him beside me in all areas of my life. I quickly came to know Him as a most faithful friend. Even during those times when I have crowded Him out of my life, Jesus still welcomed me and loved me. He is always there for me. Along my Christian journey, Jesus has helped me to forgive people who have hurt me. As He changed my heart, I have felt the weights of unforgiveness lift off one by one. As I forgave others, God used a friend to show me that there was one person I hadn’t yet forgiven: myself. Once I forgave myself, God cleared up my life in ways I never realized, showing me the areas that really needed work. Since then I have tried to say ‘thank you’ each day for both the good things in my life as well as the bad. Both are helping me stay strong in my faith and love of God.

Currently, I am the Secretary for Home League at the Fort Dodge, Iowa corps. I became involved in Home League through a friend I had met in a childhood Good News Club. At first, I was shy and uncomfortable in the group, even though I had known most of the women for years. However, through the Home League program and the Corps Officers who mentored me, I have learned to step outside of myself and do different things I never thought I could do. I was asked to give a prayer at a Women’s Retreat in front of hundreds of women. I was nervous but stepped out in faith, asking God for the right words, and He came through! Since then, I have learned that God can use me as His instrument in many unexpected ways. God has used the Salvation Army’s Women’s Ministries programs to equip me and help me to grow. Through Women’s Ministry I have learned its okay to be ME. When I struggle with self-doubt, God reminds me who I am and shows me that I am the right vessel at just the right place and time for Him to use for His glory. And I know He will do the same for you!”



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