Chopped! Desserts

See and download document for instructions for Chopped – click HERE.



Fellowship Game – Bible Trivia Hollywood Game Night Style

A game that will test your knowledge and memory of stories and events from the Bible!

A player from each team is shown a name of a woman from the Bible (or event, moment or person) and must “buzz” in and bid as to how few words as possible it’ll take to get their team to guess.   If the first player says they can do it in 2 words, the other player can choose to under bid them if they think they can get their team to guess it in one word.  If the team who guesses gets it wrong, the points go to the other team.   A correct guess wins two points. Players are not allowed to use names as clue.You can see a video clip of how this works here.

Click HERE for a print out of names, events of moments from the Bible.

still of game