How we approach single individuals in our church community must be done carefully and tactfully. Too many times, what seemed to be well-intended compliments, are really backwards 547343_10100140184376667_1927032098_ncompliments. Such as: “I can’t believe you’re not married!” or “You don’t have a boyfriend!?” No, no I don’t ACTUALLY – is what you’re really saying in your mind as you agreeably and sweetly smile and nod with courtesy, while burning holes holes through their foreheads with your eyes.  Other goods ones are “Paul was single.” or better yet, “Singleness is a gift.”           No one wants to hear that. 
But to be completely honest there are definitely great, fun, adventurous, once-in-a-life-time things that you can do for yourself and for the Lord while single. One of my favorite young adult ministries resources,  created the following list, seen here on their blog, of how to Maximize Your Singleness. Read below and consider some of these things and remember God has you right where he wants you, if you submit to his will (even though it’s his will doesn’t mean it’s easy!).                             ( Picture taken by me, while single, on a trip to Kenya!)

  1. Know that Christian singles are a gift to God’s church.
  2. Be content in the season of life God has placed you.
  3. Know that the ultimate goal of life is devotion to the Lord — not marriage, career, or fill-in-the-blank.
  4. Grow your affections for Jesus Christ through spiritual disciplines.
  5. Sacrificially give of your time and resources.
  6. Commit to and serve in a local church.
  7. Attach yourself to spiritual mentors.
  8. Invest your life into younger believers and make disciples.
  9. Grow in deep bonds with same-gendered believers who can encourage you in your faith.
  10. Take part in mission opportunities domestically and abroad.

Oh and church friends, please remember, just because they’re single doesn’t mean, “they’re single they have time for it.” Although they don’t have a spouse and kids, they still have a life!