And it has to start with the men.

I recently became apart of the Central Territory’s Anti-Trafficking Council. While meeting we discussed the great need to focus on the men involved in this issue. It is one thing to rescue or aid a person’s exit from sex-trafficking, but if the perpetrator isn’t counseled and almost healed, then this problem will just continue to repeat.  Below is an article from Musimbi Kanyoro, CEO of the Global Fund for Women, “on why we must enlist men to break the silence and help end the attacks on women and girls worldwide.”

“At this moment in my life, my 2-and-a-half-year-old grandson is the most precious and exciting gift to me. He signifies the good in men. I would never imagine that such a beautiful boy would be capable of growing up and becoming a violent man. What is it that makes men—born such good little babies—become violent? Male violence against women is the most pervasive violence in the world today. So much so that in many arenas, we’ve become comfortably numb.” Click HERE to read the rest of this powerful article. 

men in jail