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embracing embrace carolynToday we get to hear from Carolyn Good, an Embrace group leader from the Oakbrook Terrace Corps in Villa Park, IL. Carolyn was a part of the pilot group of leaders that began this journey almost a year ago. Read below Carolyn’s experience with Embrace.
1. Did you have any expectations about Embrace before your first gathering? Not really, just wanted to get to know people I had an acquaintance with on a deeper level.
2. What (if anything) surprised you about the questions? Sometimes I felt  they were negative which I thought wasn’t great but realized even though it made us more vulnerable it made us real  and so our connection really began there.
3. How did your group of women respond? I think we felt able to just be who we really are, we didn’t have to continue the perfect Facebook, Sunday morning pretense and related so much better to each other once the masks come off.
4. In what way do you hope Embrace builds community in your corps? It just connects us, you have real conversations with your peers, you share things you NEVER intended to share because you feel safe.
If you’re interested in leading an Embrace group learn more and sign up HERE.