Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month! Join us in celebrating “Women Who Tell Our Stories”, honoring women in our American History and from around the globe whose accomplishments have made the world a better place.

International Women’s Day will be commemorated on March 8, 2023.

See below for a list of all the women featured in the picture above.

March is Women’s History Month – commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in our history.

See below our list of the women pictured above. We’ve included both American women and women from other countries who have greatly contributed to women’s rights and advancement, and who have made the world a better place through their dedicated work.

To learn more about the history of Women’s History Month, you can visit the Library of Congress.


General Eva Burrows

Helen Keller

Wilma Rudolph

Marie Curie

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eliza Shirley

Queen Elizabeth II

Amelia Earhart

Mother Theresa

Jocelyn Elders


Jane Austen

Catherine Booth

Christa McAuliffe

Sojourner Truth

Donut Girl

Susan B. Anthony


Harriet Tubman

Margaret Thatcher

Anne Frank

Maya Angelou

Joan of Arc

Grace Hopper

Rosa Parks

Corrie Ten Boom

Rosalind Franklin

Princess Diana

Harriet Beecher Stowe