Central Territory Women's Ministries Department is Changing, More New Appointments

This isn’t just any appointment and promotions announcement, this announcement directly affects our Women’s Ministries Department. Just like the last announcement  is bringing changes to Central Women, we’ll also be welcoming a new leader in the role of  Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries to our department and saying goodbye to Colonel Dorothy! Read the announcements below. Join us in praying over these families!
On behalf of the Territorial Commander, Commissioner Paul R. Seiler, it is my privilege to share with you information regarding international appointments and promotions decided by the General.
COLONELS DAVID AND SHARRON HUDSON, officers of the USA Western Territory currently serving respectively as National Chief Secretary and National Secretary for Women’s Ministries, USA National Headquarters are appointed as the national leaders of The Salvation Army in the United States of America. Colonel David Hudson is appointed as National Commander, and Colonel Sharon Hudson as National President of Women’s Ministries. They will take up their new appointment responsibilities with the rank of commissioner, Colonel David Hudson on 1 September and Colonel Sharron Hudson on 2 September 2017. They succeed Commissioners David and Barbara Jeffrey who are retiring from active service.
COLONELS JEFFREY AND DOROTHY SMITH, officers of the USA Central Territory currently serving respectively as Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries in that territory, are appointed to USA National Headquarters. Colonel Jeffrey Smith is appointed as National Chief Secretary and Colonel Dorothy Smith as National Secretary for Women’s Ministries.
COLONELS STEPHEN AND JANICE HOWARD, officers of the USA Eastern Territory currently serving respectively as Secretary for Personnel and Communications Secretary in that territory are appointed respectively as Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries in the USA Central Territory.


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