John 6:25-59
Jesus is the Bread of Life. He is the living bread. He is the portion that makes eternal life possible.  He is the living portion that causes us to rise from the lifelessness of our sins and to live always in newness of life. When we are buried in hopelessness, he is the living portion that causes us to rise in hope. He is the living portion, and one day he will even cause our dead bodies to rise from their graves. He is Jesus Christ. And he is life!
Jesus gives you life today, and Jesus gives you life tomorrow. He gives life eternal to all who believe. He alone is the indispensable source of life. He is the living portion that gives rise to new life in everything else.
Without Jesus, we have only the ingredients for living here on earth: food, water, clothing, shelter. Jesus is the living portion that takes those basic ingredients and gives them life. He is the one who makes it possible for us to live truly authentic lives, eternal lives, in relationship with him and with one another.
Without Jesus, we have only the ingredients for meaningful work: our minds, skills, creativity, sweat and passion. Jesus is the living portion that takes those basic ingredients and turns them into purposeful labor, giving us meaningful ways to demonstrate his love and power in the lives of other people both now and forever.
You may have all kinds of wonderful ingredients at your disposal: a great family, an enviable education, a wonderful job, a loving spouse, faithful friends, amazing talents, many hopes and beautiful dreams. Yet, without that living portion, those basic ingredients are only that. Real life—the life God intends for you—will forever escape you. But with Jesus, that living portion, these ingredients take on eternal significance! With Jesus, your hopes and dreams give rise to many significant, eternal differences in your own life and in the lives of those around you.
As you journey through this life, you will inevitably grow weary. Some days, you may even feel like giving up. Nevertheless, Jesus will never fail to nourish and encourage you. He will continually give rise to new life in you and through you.
So journey on in confidence! Your Savior is your friend, you brother, your companion. He walks beside you to encourage and strengthen you. He is the living portion continually giving rise to the new life of faith he has started in you. He has journeyed to the cross—for you!  Jesus lay lifeless in the tomb—for you! He is the living portion giving rise to eternal life—for you!


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