Ever Wonder What Really Happens In An Embrace Group?

By now you’ve most likely heard about Embrace. You’ve either seen it online or heard about it through the grapevine. If you’ve started an Embrace group and still aren’t sure it’s worth your time or you’ve wondered if you should start; the testimony below might help you understand what can happen in the space that Embrace provides.

Hi Sarah,
I want to share something exciting that has happened, in large part, through Embrace. As you know, the women in “my” Embrace group are not necessarily attached to Sunday mornings at the corps. Their involvement is through Pathway of Hope, Parenting class and their children are involved in our Wednesday night youth groups. The last set of Embrace questions were focused on holiness, which made for very interesting discussions. The exciting thing is that from this and other Embrace discussions/parenting classes, the women have asked to learn more about the Bible; how to read it and understand it for themselves. So, in response to this, we have started the series, “The Story”. We are viewing it 3 weeks of the month and then we have Embrace on the 4th week.
These dear women are from the community of Norridge, which, as you may know, is really a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. At each Embrace we have a potluck, each sharing a dish representing their country of origin/ethnicity. We enjoy Polish, Italian, Mexican, India and Puerto Rican food – delish! Also, two of our women are Hindu, but are so gracious and eager to learn about Jesus. Who knows what seeds are being planted!
Pamela Church-Pryor
Community Ministries Director
The Salvation Army
Norridge Citadel Corps

To learn more about Embrace and to sign up to be a registered leader, click HERE.


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