Reimagining Women’s Ministries for the Short Term – Volume 27

Social Distance Mother’s Day Celebration!

Here is another awesome idea to celebrate Mother’s Day while sheltering in place! This was adapted from an idea shared with us from Captain Stephanie Senn, Oakbrook Terrace, IL Corps, and Melanie Tolcher, Dearborn Heights, MI Corps.

Plan a “Mom Date Night” to celebrate your mom! This fun event is designed to share with families (e.g. dads / other adults in the home and children) to plan and host for their moms. Dress up fancy, eat a meal together, do Mom’s favorite things, and take some fun fancy photos!

Women’s Ministries Leaders

*Reach out to other adults in the home or outside family members (e.g. dads, brothers or sisters, in-laws, older children, college students, etc.), inviting them to participate.
*Use social media. Create a Facebook or Instagram hashtag for participants to post photos to enter a drawing for a special prize. (e.g. #wmcelebratemom2020)
*Provide a devotional to be used with the event.
*Offer to help with decorations or even food if possible.
*Find out what day/time your participants are hosting their event, dress up and visit them.

Fun Activities for “Mom Date Night”

*Dress up fancy
*Get Mom her favorite flowers
*Light some candles
*Serve Mom her favorite food
*Have a dance party
*Have an ice cream party
*Mom’s favorite movie night
*Take a walk in your fancy clothes – show off your Mom to your neighbors!
*Have a campfire with s’mores
*Have a picnic in the front yard and invite your neighbors to join from their yards!
*Have a picnic in your living room
*Mom’s favorite game night
*Go on a fancy bike ride
*Host a tea party

If you are planning this for an “older” mom who does not live in your home, any of the above ideas could be modified to meet her specific situation while maintaining a safe distance.

There are no rules for this night!  Just have fun and celebrate mom!


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