The Salvation Army helps millions of people each year, meeting human needs in the Name of Jesus. Usually by now you would be seeing our red kettles out at stores and hear that bell ringing. It’s a familiar site and sound – one that signals the holiday season is upon us.

However, we are facing what could be one of the most challenging seasons yet, as many stores are not able to accommodate our kettles due to COVID restrictions and financial burdens.

There is still time to help! Please consider giving a donation so that we can continue the important work in our communities. You can drop off donations of any amount at your local Salvation Army or give safely and securely online by clicking HERE.

Another way to help is the gift of your time. If you are able and would like to volunteer to stand at a kettle, visit You can always contact your local Salvation Army for more ways to help.

The need is greater than ever. More and more people are facing unemployment, eviction, and poverty. Your gifts help provide essential needs of food, shelter, and hope to those hurting right in your community. We thank you in advance for your generosity.


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