X out Human Trafficking

January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Make a difference by getting involved to raise awareness and put an end to Human Trafficking.

Wear Blue Day

Join us on January 11th for
National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

Put on your blue and draw a red X on the back of your hand. Snap a pic and post it to social media with #wearblueday and #endit. Tag us too: #stopit #sacentralwomen.

Human trafficking tis defined as a crime whereby traffickers exploit and profit at the expense of adults and children in the forms of forced labor and sex trafficking. It is estimated that more than 27.6 million people are subjected to human trafficking around the world, including in the United States.

Everyone has the power to make a difference when we recognize the vital role we can play in combating all forms of human trafficking.

For more information on how to help prevent Human Trafficking click the links below.

US Department of State

Upcoming Events


Join The Salvation Army’s fight against Human Trafficking here: STOP IT

STOP-IT 24 HOUR HOTLINE: 877-606-3158

Email the Salvation Army: [email protected]