“We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.”
~Mother Teresa

The first two months that I was here in Michigan City I would watch Moms come into our food pantry in need of necessities for their babies.  There was so much need in the community for baby items, and as a mom of two young children my heart was breaking for my fellow moms. With much research I was able to buy diapers from the Food Depository for three dollars a box of 160 diapers (retail price is $21.50+).  The Corps received a five hundred dollar donation from an advisory board member and we were able to order 166 boxes of diapers in all sizes. Although this venture began as a way to help my community in an immediate tangible manner it has become one of my biggest ministry opportunities. We now hand out 1,700 diapers per week to our local community.  My Home League ladies package the diapers every other month.10152997_628802773235_4103824296458253377_n
The Diaper Bank has now opened many doors for me in the community.  I am now part of the Michigan City Moms Facebook page and have been connecting with so many moms.  The first month on the page I received messages with question after question about diapers, formulas, baby food etc.  Then after building the trust of the mothers, I started getting questions on parenting and even though I am a young parent myself, I was able to share the joy of being a mother with each of them. As a Mom all I want my children to remember about me are these things; I was present with them, they were cared for, wanted, and loved.  So, I make that known to the moms that I walk along side, that their presence in their child’s life is what will have the lasting effect and they will know they were cared for, wanted, and loved.taylor
I still receive the diaper questions and the mom questions, but just this week I was asked this, “Who is God and how do I know he or she is real?” Basic human need turned into human need for relationship, turned into human need for God.   I am still not sure what all of this will turn into, the Holy Spirit has not yet revealed the next step for this “Mom’s Program”, but I am waiting and ready.  I do know and have learned that there is so much more meaning behind diapers. The diapers are the need, but behind the need is a Mom or Dad who is trying to provide for their family trying to find belonging and purpose.  So, I am trying to remedy this poverty within my community within the City I now call home.