New Devotional Series: Embrace Your Story

embrace your storyAfter #everydayofferingdevos came out, we received phone calls, texts, comments and messages from many of you letting us know that we need to hear each others stories and feel connected and the devotions are a great way to do it. #Everydayoffering was a sigh of relief, we believe. An equalizer that said it was ‘ok’ to show and talk about the day-to-day unpretty of life, a chance to recognize that each part of our day is an offering to God therefore a beautiful and holy experience no matter how ordinary.
We want to invite you, again, to participate in another step of growing our output of devotions. We want to collaborate with you to create a devotional series called Embrace: Your Story. We invite you to share the current story of your life that God is asking you to embrace, in 350 words or less, with accompanying scripture (scripture word count not included in the 350) and a picture if you have it (not guaranteed to be used).
What is God asking you to embrace in this season?
What does He keep putting in your path until you embrace it (loving others, patience, stillness, waiting, opportunities to obey)?
Please email: [email protected] by August 5, 2015 with your 350 word or less devotional message with accompanying scripture (scripture word count not included in the 350). Not all submissions are guaranteed to be chosen, but all chosen will be credited for their contribution. All women are welcome to submit. You may submit multiple entries.
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