Reflecting back on the last three devotionals, read the scriptures below and answer the listed questions.
Psalm 139:13
Psalm 19:1-6
Job 38:1-18
Matthew 8

  1. Think about some famous underdogs—from the Bible or from everyday life today. How many can you name?
  • Why do most people like the idea of an underdog unexpectedly finding success?
  • In what ways are all of us underdogs in the Kingdom of God?
  1. The Magi studied the stars. This background helped them to recognize the one star that led them on their journey to their toddler King—Jesus. Still today, many features in the natural world point us to our divine Creator. Think now about three examples:
  • Consider the detailed and precise coding found in densely-packed human DNA. How does this wonder reflect the words of Psalm 139:13?
  • Consider the vastness of the universe and the many surprises and wonders being discovered there by today’s astronomers. How does Psalm 19:1-6 reflect those wonders?
  • Finally, read Job 38:1-18. In what other ways does the natural world direct our focus to the wonder-filled works of God?
  1. The centurion described in Matthew 8 came to Jesus, asking healing for his servant. This warrior had a good deal of worldly power and influence.
  • How can influence and power distract us or tempt us to get off-course as we journey through life with Jesus?
  • How can the material blessings that come along with wealth do this same thing?
  • How does ambition pose temptations similar to those of power and wealth?
  • How did the centurion apparently resist these temptations?
  • Jesus had great mercy on the centurion. How does that bring hope to your own heart?