There is often a bit of mystery when it comes to what happens on a mission team. We see the pictures, hear a few stories, but what should you expect? First, every mission trip is unique and different. The team members are selected based on the needs of the host location. To the best of our knowledge, that is. Our goal is to work with women whenever possible during the trip, but typically there will be a variety of ministry opportunities throughout the trip. Usually including ministering to children and seniors.
Below is an example of an actual team schedule from the 2015 Uruguay Central Women’s Mission Team:

  •  October 23 – 25: Women´s Divisional Camp, about 60 women
  • October 26: Children´s Home El Lucero Salto, children from 7 to 18 years old, about 35 children
  • Ocotber 27: Independencia Day Care Center, Paysandú, Work with children in the about 60 children from 2 – 3 years old
  • October 28: Montevideo, Free day for tourist activities
  • October 29: Senior Care Home, El Atardecer, Montevide work with older adults about 60 seniors

It’s important to be flexible when on a mission team, typically the schedule will change and as a team we have to be comfortable with that possibility. We are there to serve, to be a blessing, which of course will end up blessing us if our attitude and posture is humble and based on service.

A few potential ministry opportunities that await us in Moldova may include: Women’s prison ministry, corps visitations, women’s ministries training day for local leaders and more!

Consider applying for this 9 day mission trip! (October 30- November 7) Click HERE to apply.