OTHERS Trade for Hope

Mother’s Day Collection

Mother’s Day is almost here, and what better way to show appreciation than with a meaningful gift?
Our home decor collection features unique and thoughtful items, not just for mothers but for all the incredible women who’ve shaped our lives. Whether you’re celebrating a mother, a mentor, a friend, or any woman who’s had a positive impact on you, these gifts are crafted to bring joy and honor to whomever they are shared with.
From hand-loomed textiles to artisanal kitchen essentials, each piece reflects generations of skill and love. Choose a gift that not only delights but also supports fair wages and sustainable livelihoods for artisans in Kenya and Bangladesh. Let’s honor the women in our lives and empower artisans around the globe.
Purchase something special for a woman who has made an impact on your life and generate opportunity for our amazing artisans at the same time.
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