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ISIS, Ann Voskamp & Habakkuk


What I knew about ISIS is what I heard in sound bit size reports on NPR on the drive to and from work everyday. I knew this group was terrorizing cities and citizens in Iraq and Syria. I knew they were recruiting members all over the globe. I understand that this is a fundamentalist Islam…

FREE Prayer Word Lock Screens to Download


If your interested in using our prayer word lock screens (for your smart phones) to help in your daily prayer focus sign up below to receive them! These lock screens go along with our prayer calendar also available to download – all for FREE!

Embracing Embrace: One Leader’s Experience Part 6


The Embracing Embrace Series exists to encourage curious minds and hesitant potential leaders to respond with brave acts of courage and obedience and take the leap. Make the calls, emails, texts, the face-to-face conversations and invite women around your table to talk, share, listen and grow together. Here’s Katy Engle; soldier (member) of the Royal Oak…

Embracing Embrace: One Leaders Experience Part 5


Today we hear from Embrace Leader – Haley Vecellio. Haley is a youth worker at the Fulton Heights corps in Grand Rapids, MI. Haley took a step of bravery and started an Embrace group, here’s her experience! Did you have any expectations about Embrace before your first gathering? I didn’t really have any expectations at first, I…