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Episode Five of The Prepare Podcast with Guests Emily Aukes and Eric Himes


Today our ‘Creatives in Residence’ here at Central Territorial Headquarters, Emily Aukes and Eric Himes share about their creative and artistic mediums and using it for the Lord in episode five of The Prepare Podcast. Emily works in the Visual Communications section at THQ and is sought after for her illustrations . Eric is the leader of…

Best Salvation Army Photos of 2015


Every year has it’s high and low moments – but let’s focus on the high moments where we saw Jesus at work! The Salvation Army national headquarters selected photos from all four territories highlight ministry moments throughout the year. Check it out by clicking HERE! If you’re from the Northern Division or have friends there…

The Paradox of Grace


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Luke 6: 31 This verse, also seen in Matthew 7:12, is truly one of the simplest and most complicated instructions from Jesus ever given; in my humble opinion. That do unto others instruction is a paradoxal form of grace. Grace partnered with an instruction….

Daily Journal Practice to Help You Reflect, Process, Progress


 Something happened the other day, something I didn’t want to forget. A memorable (or so I thought) experience that I needed to make record of – so I wouldn’t forget. Posting it on Facebook crossed my mind as it has become, for many the modern day diary. Not that any of us need to know…